About Pointz Acupuncture

Here's what Holly's patients say:

"Holly Sparks literally saved my life. I'm a public figure and I travel in my profession. I had severe IBS-D for over six years. Doctors and prescription drugs weren't effective. I knew little about acupuncture, but just happened to visit 4 Branches because Holly was in my neighborhood. After eight weekly visits of acupuncture and now monthly maintenance my quality of life has improved by 80%. It's a miracle and I'm blessed thanks to Holly." - P.L.

"I have been treated by Holly for 3 years and have received amazing treatments and results! She has excellent diagnostic skills and a great ability to put her knowledge to work for you. Holly's experience in the medical field combined with her Chinese Medicine training/education make a powerful combination!" - S.E.

"I have suffered from severe migraines for over 17 years. After seeing Holly on a regular basis and taking herbs for several weeks, I am now migraine-free! I feel like I have my life back!" - A.M.