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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is one of the 4 branches of Oriental Medicine, and involves inserting fine needles into specific points on the body (acupoints), which communicate with channels of vital energy (called Qi, or Chi) and blood. Western medicine theorizes that acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, certain hormones, and nerves, and helps to block pain. It is often combined with Moxibustion, the burning of the herb Moxa (Chinese Mugwort), and cupping, both of which help to tonify, warm, move blood and smooth Qi, and stimulate acu-points throughout the body.

Acupuncture adjusts the flow of qi and blood in the body, allowing the qi to move freely where it may be stuck, or guiding it to areas of deficiency, and leading it away from areas of excess with too much qi. This regulation of qi and blood allows the harmonious balance of the body to be restored. The needles are single-use, sterile, disposable and so thin you may not even notice them. Others may feel tingling, warmth, heaviness, or qi movement. Acupuncture is extremely relaxing & most patients experience dramatic results with it!

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine can treat and prevent a variety of illnesses, and makes up the main modality & pharmacopoeia of the oldest living professional medicine! Prescription is based on an individual's diagnosed pattern of symptoms, not just their disease diagnosis.

The herbs are most often used in combination, rather than singly, to synergistically enhance their effectiveness. Combinations of herbs are called a "formula", and are often individualized for each person based on their needs, pattern, and specific constitution. It is YOUR prescription!

Using Your Chinese Herbs

You may be given "loose herbs" with instructions to decoct (cook), make a tea, or prepare them yourself. Teas, extracts, & decoctions tend to taste bitter because they are made from the most potent medicinal ingredients (roots and barks). Pills, tablets, & powders are good for prolonged and more chronic disorders, but are slightly weaker, so you may be asked to take several "mini" pills 2-4 times a day. It is important for you to inform the practitioner of any medications or supplements you may be taking at the time. Please take your herbal formula or pills as prescribed, just as you would take a medication from a western medical doctor. Otherwise your treatment will not be as efficacious.

QiGong & Taiji

Qigong (Chi Kung), or "energy exercise" is a holistic healing art and important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves different methods of breathing, posture, meditation, movement, and intent or will (Yi), and is an ancient system of self-healing exercise.

Qigong is used to prevent disease, heal acute or chronic disorders, reduce stress, improve health, physical, and mental performance, and is used in hospitals throughout China as treatment for various disorders, including Cancer. Those who practice Qigong daily tend to heal more quickly and stay healthy longer.

In practicing Qigong, one learns to feel and work with "Qi"(chee) or the vital life energy, in order to provide good health, extend longevity, and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. It fortifies overall health, enhances mental clarity, strengthens the immune system, and revitalizes the body.

Qigong should be practiced dailyfor optimal results. Please inquire about our classes and seminars! - Holly Sparks

Published in Woodland Park Ute Pass Courier's 2006 Health & Fitness Guide, CO

Taiji is a category of Qigong and traditionally a martial style of self-defense. It combines relaxed, integrated slow movement, focused awareness, breath, and Qi to improve one's balance, flexibility, and promote wellness. Taiji is an excellent form of exercise, helps relieve arthritis, & can be practiced at any age, any place, and at any time.

Emphasis of correct body posture, alignment, relaxation, and slow coordinated body movements along with breath control help maintain balance, health, and longevity. Call to experience our Taiji and Qigong classes today!

Needle-free Acu-treatment

Acupuncture without the needles! Please call for more information.



Tui Na/Masssage

Tui Na (twee-nah) massage, another important branch of TCM, is an external manipulative treatment used to stimulate points on the meridians, regulate yin & yang, move qi & blood, and restore the function of tendons, joints, and bones. Tui Na (push -grasp manipulation) is Chinese massage mixed with chiropractic-like manipulation and is indicated for trauma, pain, many types of internal medicine, gynecology, and ENT disorders.

Massage in any form helps the body to heal, rid toxins from the body, and relax, soothe, & nourish the muscles.